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The members of the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company wish to thank our neighbors in the Garrison Fire Protection District for voting in support of the changes to the Length Of Service Awards Program. We look forward to serving our neighbors in the coming years as we volunteer day and night - when ever you need us.

Please consider becoming a volunteer firefighter. Both men and women are welcome. Come by the Garrison firehouse on Route 9 on a Sunday morning. We are usually there checking equipment and to answer any questions and to take applications.

Public Service Announcements

5 PIAA Calls

January 27, 2014 - Members of the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company responded to 5 calls in the span of 5 hours. The accidents occurred mainly on the Bear Mountain Bridge Road in the Continental Village Fire Department's district. There was a rollover on Route 9 in the Garrison district. The first mutual aid call came in at approximately 6:30 AM and the last call ended at around ..... (read more)

Volunteers Prep For Winter Carnival

January 26, 2014 - Volunteer firefighters from all four Philipstown Fire Departments pitched in with their tankers to help fill the new skating rink at the Claudio Marzollo Recreation Center in preparation for the Winter Carnival to be held on Saturday, Feb 8.

Members of the Garrison, Cold Spring, North Highlands and Continental Village Volunteer Fire ..... (read more)

Ice Rescue Drill - Spy Pond

January 12, 2014 - Members had a mutual aid ice rescue drill with Continental Village Fire Department at Spy Pond in Continental Village. ..... (read more)

The Garrison Volunteer Fire Company is made of up of men and women just like you — members of the community who enjoy getting together to assist with local events, help out in emergencies, and, yes, put out fires. We clear roads when trees or wires fall, assist with traffic accidents, find lost hikers, investigate alarms, and try to keep our community safe and operating smoothly. We are not paid, and we help keep Garrison taxes low by taking on infrequent but important jobs for which it would be much more expensive to maintain a standing force of career responders. You might share these values. You might enjoy seeing a totally different slice of Garrison from time to time, whether it’s putting out a brush fire next to the library, rushing down new road in a huge truck on the way to a chimney fire, or handling a traffic accident at the Bear Mountain Bridge at six in the morning while fog rolls up the river and the sun breaks over the mountains. If you haven’t seen and done these things, you should. You live in one of the world’s most beautiful river valleys, surrounded by some of the world’s best people. Call us at 424-3709, email us at Good stuff happens when you least expect it.