GVFC Delivers Pizza

With Peter von Bergen finding it difficult to move around following his back surgery a couple weeks ago, and unable to attend the general membership meeting this Thursday, President Jamie Copeland suggested we drive down to his home and deliver in person the gluten-free pizza that is Peter’s usual membership meeting fare.  The trip was also a good test run for our new 15-2-2, which had to negotiate Peter’s very narrow Lewis Lane access road.

GVFC Delivers Pizza to PVB

CAFS Training Day 2

On Day Two of CAFS (compressed air foam system) training, we got out of the classroom and into the parking lot at Station 2 to spray some genuine class A foam.  Snow in June!

Participating were Pete Wilkie, Kyle Irish, Ralph Callender, Allan Simmons, Bradford Miller, Bill Rimm, Peter Richter, and Michael Del Monte of the GVFC, together with Chris Rimm and another CVFD member.  Instructor:  Lou DeRosa.  Thanks to Bill’s brother Chris for taking the pictures for us.

Goodbye, 15-2-2!

Wendy Heintz and Ralph Callender drove old 15-2-2 to the pickup location for its flatbed ride to Spokane, WA.  Special thanks to both of them for handling this voot task, and to Kyle Irish for finding a happy new home for this engine.

Thank You from Doug Banker

Mr. James M. Copeland, President
Mr. Kyle Irish, Chief
The Garrison Volunteer Fire Company
Route 9
Garrison, NY 10524


Dear Jamie and Kyle,

Jeannie, John and I cannot thank you enough for your generous accolades on our behalf. As I said at the time, I felt like President Obama when he prematurely received the Nobel Peace Prize, because true courage would have had us in the water, and you guys arrived just in time to save us from that test.

In all seriousness, your fast response time, your creativity in devising a means to pull that man our of the river, and the sheer physical effort necessary to do so were all a marvel. No wonder we are all so proud of our superb Garrison Volunteer Fire Co.!

Doug (Banker)