Auxiliary History

The Auxiliary was established in 1968. The organization was initially formed for women who had a relative in the Fire Company and were interested in assisting the firefighters, as well as participating in community service activities. The group has evolved to include members of the community, regardless of their affiliation with the Fire Company and now includes both men and women.

The purpose of the organization is to assist the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. in every possible way, to the best of our ability and to create a feeling of good fellowship among our members.

Commitment and dedication have been shown throughout the years by the Auxiliary membership. Providing food and pantry supplies for the department was a major responsibility of the Auxiliary. They responded to fire calls and provided food and drink, at all hours of the day and night. Many would bring their sleeping children to the firehouse in order to be able to provide this service to the Company.

In earlier years, Guinan’s was essential for providing late night food supplies. They would open the store in the middle of the night to assist the Fire Company and Auxiliary. Thank you for your years of support. It was greatly appreciated!

The Auxiliary has held many fund raisers. According to the secretary’s reports, the group would often hold two bake sales per month as well as focus on other activities. The group now tries to focus on one large fundraiser, such as a comedy night, augmented by one or two bake sales per year.

Auxiliary formally formed. Elected officers were President Florence Williams, Vice President Eleanor Polhemus, Secretary Mabel White, Treasurer Patricia Griffin. Dues were established at $3.00 per year and have not changed since. A scrapbook was started by Mabel White.

1968 – 1978
Packages and gifts were sent to local servicemen during the Vietnam War and thereafter.

1969 – 2004
Various items were purchased with money raised from fundraisers including a coffee urn, coffee pot and a used freezer (the freezer cost $20.00).

Assisted the Fire Company with a Christmas party for the children. Helped sell boxed toiletries for Walter Hoving Home. Baked 140 pies for a bake sale. Meeting minutes indicated that more pies were needed for the sale.

Purchased a Santa suit for $32.38. Established a Citizenship Scholarship for children of GVFC members, one for a boy and one for a girl. Each received a $25.00 savings bond.

Created a banner for the fire department for use in parades. The banner was handmade by Sue Mihalik and each member was asked to sew a few stitches, so it would be from the entire group.

Voted to allow Junior members, age 16 and up. Donated an American Flag to the Fire Company. Due to lack of funds, the Auxiliary was no longer able stock the pantry.

Presented Nassau Bell to the Fire Company for the 50th anniversary. Changed the Citizenship Scholarship award to one $50.00 savings bond. This award is still given annually and later became the Mabel White award.

Obtained a Charter/Incorporation

1984 – 2000
Multiple fundraisers including tag sales, raffles, bake sales and comedy nights are held.

2001 – Present
Started breakfast with Santa. Purchased new tables and chairs, silverware, coffee urn, and various kitchen utensils. Increased the Scholarship awards to a $100.00 savings bond to be given to a graduating 8th grader from the Garrison Union Free School and two $200.00 cash awards to graduating seniors from Garrison attending Haldane and O’Neill High Schools