The Auxiliary

The active members of the fire company are regularly assisted by a dedicated group of people from the Philipstown Community. These members of the Auxiliary report to the firehouse and/or fire scenes to provide firefighting personnel with food and drink as necessary. This however, is only a portion of the ever expanding role of this group. Members of the Auxiliary also aid the department with fund raising, fire prevention details, community events and other functions of running an active fire department. If you are interested in joining this group please email us at: or contact one of the members below.


President Elisia Tuttle
Vice President Cristin Erickson
Secretary Tara Stearns
Treasurer Edyie Grafer
Sunshine Committee Sue Tudor

Active Members

Karen Bonifacio Nancy Schnaars
Cristin Erickson Tara Stearns
Del Fidanque Michelle Stubbs
Debbie Goodwin Kristen Surace
Eydie Grafer Jill Sussman
Shelley Hauser Mary Tomassio
Curt Heintz Liz Travis
Venetia Heintz Marjorie Travis
Bo Irish Kristi Tudor
Libby Simone Sue Tudor
Sally Simone Elisia Tuttle

Honorary Members

Patty Harrington
Ruth Ann Lombardo
Barbara Prescott
Rodney Tudor
Katherine Whiteside-Anderson