Street Addresses

The following town code is especially helpful in helping us to find your home in case of an emergency.This town code can be found at the website
§ 148-1. Purpose; legislative findings.
A. Purpose. The Town of Philipstown hereby adopts a uniform system of street names and property numbering for the purpose of assigning street addresses to all developed properties in the town.
B. Legislative findings. The Town Board of the Town of Philipstown hereby determines that it is in the best interests of the residents of the town to adopt and implement a uniform system of street names and property numbering in the town to facilitate the provision of emergency services to the residents of the town.
§ 148-5. Specifications, standards and requirements.
The following specifications, standards and requirements in connection with the numbering of properties and principal buildings are hereby adopted:
A. All properties or parcels of land within the town shall hereafter be identified for street location purposes by reference to the uniform numbering system adopted herein.
B. Each principal building shall bear the number assigned to the street frontage on which the driveway entrance is located, but if none, then on which the front entrance is located. In case a principal building is occupied by more than one business or family dwelling unit, the entrance to each separate use of such principal building shall bear a separate number.
C. Numerals indicating the official numbers for each principal building or for each separate entrance as specified above shall be posted in a manner as to be visible from the street on which the property is located.
D. Wherever any building is more than 50 feet from the street line, or the number is otherwise not visible from the street on which the property is located, the official number shall be affixed to a gatepost, fence, tree, post or other appropriate place so as to be easily visible from the street line and so as to identify clearly the driveway for the property. Whenever any such building or property is occupied by more than one business, family dwelling unit, or use, the official numbers shall be affixed both to a gatepost, fence, tree, post or other such appropriate place, and also to the entrance to each separate business, dwelling unit or use.
E. The official numbers shall not be less then three inches in height and shall be made of a durable and clearly visible, reflective material.
F. The official numerals shall be placed on buildings by the owner or agent within 30 days after notice to the owner or agent of the number assigned.
G. A certificate of occupancy shall not be issued for new buildings unless this chapter has been complied with.